40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade 1-20-2013

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To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, March For Life Denver and other organizations gathered on the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol. A few thousand people showed up for this event. After the speakers were done, did a balloon release and then they marched down Colfax Avenue in Denver. Here are photographs from the event.


1st Annual Gun Appreciation Day – 1-19-2013

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In the aftermath of President Obama’s 24 “executive actions,” (the 24th being his decision to use kids as propaganda in an effort to promote the other 23) citizens from state capitols around the nation gathered to voice their opposition to the Obama Administration’s gun control policies.

The general problem with assault weapons has to do with social psychology and linguistic psychology. Ask yourself these questions. Which sounds/looks more menacing and looks more dangerous? A teddy bear, or an assault weapon? And since gun makers make high capacity clips for pistols, what is the purpose of limiting how many rounds a person can have in their gun? The gun owner can always figure out a place to buy more ammo clips. It’s similar to Michael Bloomberg’s idea of limiting soft drinks to only 16 ounces. A person can always buy more than one drink. And what do assault weapons and pistols have in common? With proper aim, they will kill the target. Other than that, the issue with assault weapons is purely cosmetic. Enjoy the photographs.

1/19/2013 Occupy Denver Event

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While getting ready for another event, I saw local Occupy Denver activists gathered on the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol and decided to get some photographs. They were generally protesting the Citizens United v FEC decision from the U.S. Supreme Court among other things.

Securing Our American Dream Rallly – 10/20/2012

On the West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol, organizer Jimmy Sengenberger and a group of supporters gathered to send the message that not all college students and grads drink the Kool Aid that Obama wants people to drink. One of the speakers at this event was Congressman Cory Gardner from Colorado’s 4th Congressional District. The speakers generally voiced support for Romney. The female speakers advised the attendees and general public that they like the philosophy of thinking with their lady smarts, not their lady parts. One of the speakers did a good impression of Bill Clinton. He is seen here in the photos. 

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Occupy Denver Protesters – 10-30-2011

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In Civic Center Park this morning in Denver was the Occupy Denver group, the local contingent of the Occupy Wall Street movement. In between taking photographs, I heard a guy complaining that the police confiscated his $800 tripod and a lady answering her smart phone and when she hung up, she said “oops, I have to get ready for work!” her subsequent laughter indicated she was aware of her sense of irony.

10-13-2011 Occupy Wall Street solidarity protest in Denver

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Out of curiosity, I went to Civic Center Park in Denver to check up on the progression of the Occupy Denver movement, which is a part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Along with the protesters and their signs, there is a tent city that is expanding as the days progress. Here are some photographs that illustrate what I mean

10-2-2011 Occupy Wall Street solidarity protest in Denver

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In his concurrence in the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission  litigation, Justice Scalia basically wondered if corporations were so despised by the end of the 18th century, “how came there to be so many of them?”  In contemporary culture, the same question can be asked as well.

In the local rendition of the Occupy Wall Street protests, while the congregants had the same sentiments as the protesters in NY and other places, there were not as many attendees as I am used to seeing at protests that I photograph on a semi regular basis. But they still made for good photographs.