Stand With Rand: Choppers Sports Grill Denver


Day of Resistance 2/23/2013

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Yesterday at the Colorado State Capitol, the people at this event were commemorating the Day Of Resistance locally. There were other events of this nature going on around the country. Evan Todd was one of the speakers. One of the speakers at this event invited the women to gather on the steps. This was done to show that women care about the 2nd Amendment as well.

3rd Annual Tea Party Rally – Denver, CO, April 15th, 2011

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This was the 3rd annual Tea Party tax day rally. On April 15th, Tea Party activists gathered on the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol in an effort to motivate one another to get involved in the legislative process. Speakers included, Matt Arnold, of Clear The Bench Colorado, Ken Buck, former candidate for U.S. Senate, and John Caldara of the Independence Institute.

I would have had these photos up earlier, but my the Comcast outage just got resolved so I could not upload anything earlier. solidarity protest 2–26-2011

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This was the 2nd solidarity protest this week from the anti-Scott Walker forces. This one was sponsored by

Wisconsin Govt Worker Solidarity Protest & Counter Demonstration 2-22-11

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The events in Wisconsin have reverberated through the nation, and Colorado is no exception. Proving that what happens in Wisconsin does not stay in Wisconsin, the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and local Tea Party activists held what was billed as a “solidarity” rally on the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol.

Depending on which side of the political isle you are on, the SEIU members at this event were either concerned about working families, or they were advocates of Charles Ponzi style economics. The people at the top of the steps were SEIU members while those on the sidewalk near the streets were for the most part Tea Party activists.

The Tea Party supporters chanted phrases like “Scott Walker, Right Choice!” & “Tax payers first!” While the SEIU members shouted phrases like “Don’t drink the tea!” & Wall Street Tool!” & “Kill the bill!”

The event was relatively peaceful (even though it was noisy) and there were no arrests.

Here are photographs from this event

We Are The People Rally – 09/13/2010

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The skies over Civic Center Park in Denver were sunny on September 13th while the We Are the People rally convened. In an economy that leaves a lot to be desired, the goal of this event was to motivate one another to change the faces of Congress in November wth the hope that it will not be the opposite of progress.

At this event, we heard various speakers including Andrew Breitbart & S.E. Cupp among others. The the video from this event can be found somewhere on the web site of the People’s Press Collective

The black male you see waving his arms around interrupted Andrew’s speech and accused everyone in the crowd of being racist. He eventually left the event.

Anti Bailout protest and counter demonstration in Fort Collins, CO / 08-09-2010

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On a sunny afternoon in Fort Collins, Colorado, pro and anti-bailout activists converged at the intersection of Mulberry Street and South College Avenue in Fort Collins, Colorado. These are photographs from the event.