May 22nd Colorado Republican State Assembly.

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On May 23, 2010, the Colorado State Assembly convened. What you see in these photographs are the various people running for office along with the delegates. This was the 1st state convention I have been to. In the process of photographing this event, I sat next to a few people who said it was their first time as well. When Steve Barton spoke (he was running for U.S. Senate, he only got 56 of the delegate votes), he said one of the things he wanted to do as senator was to make marksmanship a part of the education curriculum for kids. Upon hearing this, the couple sitting next to me said they found this alarming. And they happen to be conservative for the most part. I informed them that some states actually do that. Not that this would change their perspective. It didn’t.

The general tone of the rest of the speeches consisted of getting back to the princibles of less government and a desire to end the bailouts and spending that consumes Washington D.C.

These photos turned out better than I thought they would considering the section I was sitting in when I was taking pictures. This event took place at the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland, Colorado.

In all there were 3528 delegates votes cast. The ones who got under 30% were eliminated. It should be noted that for the office of Senator, Jane Norton decided to circumvent the nomination process at the convention and try to gather as many signatures as possible to get on the November ballot.

This is the breakdown of delegate votes at the convention for Senator:

Robert Greenheck 56 votes – 1.59 percent

Cleve Tidwell 522 votes – 14.8 percent

Steve Barton 35 votes – .99 percent

Ken Buck 2701 votes -76.56  percent

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