North Suburban Republican Forum – 5/8/2010

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Yesterday I went to an event billed as a North Suburban Republican Forum and took photos of the event.  The event consisted of various candidates for office giving speeches. The people you see in these photos are Erik Hansen (running for Adams County Commissioner), Mike Sheely (running for Colorado’s 7th Congressional District), Bob Brancato and Steve Bailey (both candidates for Colorado’s 2nd District), and Dana West (running for Adams County Clerk and Recorder). The majority of candidates expressed a need for fiscal responsibility in terms of how government currently functions.  The candidates for the 2nd Congressional District expressed optimism in the idea that Jarad Polis is beatable because the voters don’t like the idea of members of Congress spending money like a drunken sailor. Bob Brancato’s 2nd round of radio and TV commercials are set to hair soon if they have not already started.  Mike Sheely expressed the idea that he has the fire in his belly to run for Congress and help change the current political direction the country is going in. He is targeting the independents because the independent voters are swing voters.  Mike Sheely said he will not ask for 1 dime from anyone until he earns the support of 150 delegates.

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