Americans For Prosperity Regulation Reality Tour 4-19-2010

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On April 19th, 2010, the group Americans For Prosperity made a few stops in Colorado on its Regulation Reality Tour,” speaking out against the environmental policies of the Obama administration. The featured speakers were Tim Phillips, founder of AFP, Jeff Crank, Colorado AFP director, David Schneider Fort Collins utilities commission & Jeff Cochran, business management systems. This was the 2nd leg of their tour, which started in Arkansas.

When Tim Phillips spoke, he gave examples of EPA regulations that hurt business owners. While motivating the audience by saying “November is coming,” he also mentioned that the card check & cap and trade legislation is dead because of the conservative political movement that is presently taking place. That doesn’t mean that the House and Senate won’t try and bring it back. They probably will. He also mentioned that the EPA now has the power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions by virtue of a finding and without action of Congress. Tim also went onto explain that single source energy emitters will be regulated by the EPA because of this. Single source emitters basically mean pizzerias and small businesses. He gave numerous examples in terms of who would be affected adversely by these regulations.

These photographs are of the Fort Collins and Denver events. What I found surprising is that more people showed up to the Fort Collins event in Washington Park than the Denver event in Civic Center Park. Usually when I photograph events in Civic Center Park there is a lot more people. For this photo montage, I combined both events.

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