Candidate Search 2010 – Douglas County Fairgrounds 3-6-2010

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At The Douglas County Fairgrounds on 3-7-2010, candidates for the Colorado governor, U.S Senate and Colorado’s 2nd, 6th, & 7th Congressional Districts convened for a q & a session with the voters. The event was simulcast live through the Peoples Press Collective web site. What you see in these photographs (even though the camera position was not the greatest, is a montage consisting of Dan Maes, Scott McGinnis (governors race), Tom Wiens, Steve Barton, Ken Buck, Jane Norton, Cleve Tidwell (U.S. Senate race), Bill Hammons (candidate – 2nd Congressional District), Congressman Mike Coffman (6th Congressional District), Michael Kearns (candidate – 6th Congressional District), Michael Demming (candidate – 7th Congressional District), Michael Sheely (candidate 7th Congressional District), Ryan Frazier (candidate – 7th Congressional District), Jimmy Lakey (candidate – 7th Congressional District) and Lang Sias (candidate 7th Congressional District).

As you can see, the candidate selection for some some races is pretty crowded. They all seem to express the same conservative philosophies. I think as it gets closer to November, there may be fewer candidates for each office. From an the perspective of an observer/photographer, I worry that there will be so many candidates to the point where confusion will start to set it. But it is what it is.

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