Tea Party Express Tour Rolls Through Denver on March 31, 2010

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This event probably turned out around more than 2000 people based on my photographs. Among the people traveling on the tour bus were Congressman Mike Coffman, former Congressman Tom Tancrado, California radio talk show host Mark Williams just to name a few. Their speeches centered mostly on the idea of trying to reverse the present course of Washington D.C. Here are phontgraphs from the event.


Denver anti-Obamacare Protest on 3-21-2010

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While politicians in D.C. are basically winging it with health care legislation, political activists here in Denver stage a rally letting the politicians know that they are not in favor of what Congress is doing.Roll Call newspaper reported that the Congressional switchboard reached close to 100,000 calls an hour on Friday.

At this event there were people with bullhorns speaking to the crowd warning that the cost of medical care would increase like it did in Massachusetts.  The person wit the upside down flag lapel gave me permission to take a photo as long as I did not show her face on camera. cars driving by honked in supporting the cause of the protesters.  One group of people was nice enough to bring their pony for the cameras.

Weld County Colorado Caucus Experience 3-16-2010

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This was the first caucus I have ever been to. I noticed some interesting things. On March 15th, 2010, a person volunteering for Stephen Bailey’s campaign asked me if I can put signs out in front of Legacy Elementary School for the Bailey campaign. I said yes. So on the 16th, I went to the school and put 20 signs on various parts of the lawn. It seems to have paid off in a sense. Here is the link to the straw poll results. The interesting thing about it is that one of Stephen Bailey’s competitor’s for Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District showed up and did a meet and greet with voters. He is seen in some of these photographs. It should be noted that normally, candidates don’t show up at caucus events (at least in my experience). Or they may show up at one or some of them. Even though Bob showed up, he still came in 2nd place.  When you go to a caucus event, you normally see maps on the wall that basically tell you where your precinct is. In my experience after everyone was seated, the Weld County Assessor and Weld County Commissioner basically gave motivational speeches in an effort to tell the activists to get involved in the political process and change the direction of the country.

I spoke to my Dad about the caucus process and he expressed the sentiment that the process is unfair by virtue of the fact that you basically have a few hundred people gathered in a room dictating the political direction of the country. So he is not a big fan of the process in that sense.

The photograph you see in this montage of the guy holding up names represents the people running for delegates for various future conventions.

3-13-2010 Say No to Obamacare rally/protest in Fort Collins, Colorado

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While the health care debate rages on in Washington D.C. and across the nation, a group of local activists gathered in Fort Collins, Colorado to send Betsy Markey and every other politician the message that they don’t want the health care plan that Congress is contemplating. Here are photographs from the event

Coloraod’s 4th Congressional District q&a on 3-11-2010

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On 3/11/2010, candidates for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District met for a debate/meet & greet with the voters. What you see in these photographs are candidates Dean Madere, Diggs Brown, Tom Lucero and Cory Gardner.

It was interesting to watch as both Cory and Dean were asked the same question by the gray haired guy and he got a completely different answer. The man asked why he should vote for 1 them vs some other candidate. Cory’s answer was that he should get the vote because he has done this before. Meaning he has served in the Colorado State Legislature so he knows how things work and how to get things done. Dean’s answer was because he is not a professional politician and he thinks this asset would encourage a cultural shift in Washington D.C

Taxpayer Day Rally in Denver on 3-10-10.

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These are the photos I got from the 3-10-10 rally in Denver. The general theme of the event was that Congress engages in too much taxes of the citizens.

Free Tibet Demonstration

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It is very rare that a photographer gets to inadvertently kill 2 birds with 1 stone when photographing events. Yesterday I was in Denver to photograph a rally consisting of conservative activists & suddenly I saw a group of protesters advocating freedom for Tibet marching around the Colorado state capitol. I don’t know what the groups name was. They marched around the capitol shouting slogans like “What do we want? justice! When do we want it? Now!” and “Free Tibet!” and “Stop the genocide!” among other slogans. On March 10th, 1959, China occupied Tibet and has since retained rule over it. These protesters apparently desire an end to the occupation. These are photographs from that event