Hell No! Colorado Wont Go rally in Denver, Colorado on 01-19-2010

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On Tuesday January 19th, a group of local conservative activists converged on the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol for what was billed as a “Hell no, Colorado wont go” rally expressing opposition to Obamacare. As John Caldara, put it, the goal of the rally is  “We need to get a message to them.” What he means is that the citizens of Colorado and the nation need to let the politicians in D.C know that they don’t want the health care bill that Congress and the White House are pushing. “The fight against Obamacare has moved from D.C to this building, and if they don’t stop it, we will at the ballot box this fall” he said in his speech. the enthusiastic crowed cheered in agreement with his sentiment.

The Independence Institute, which Mr. Caldara runs, is trying to get an initiative on the ballot in November.

One speaker speculated that what Obama meant when he said if you like your health care plan then you can keep it was “if you like the health care plan he proved of, we can keep it.”

This just goes to show that the more things change in D.C., the more they stay the same. And the health care legislation being contemplated by Congress is not change anyone wants to believe in.

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