Dan Maes, Cleve Tidwell and Stephen Bailey meet/greet voters

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On January 7th ,2010 at the Lafayette Public Library, 3 candidates for various offices made the case for why they should be elected, they were Cleve Tidwell, running for U.S Senate, Dan Maes running for Governor of Colorado, and Steven Bailey, who is running against Congressman Polis’ seat in Colorado’s second congressional district.

Mr. Bailey’s platform is “liberty is prosperity” because he believes the government should not be making decisions for the people. He says the government has gone “far beyond” their power as authorized in the constitution. The health care legislation is something he believes is a good example of this. “We are headed back to the medieval ages with what the government is doing today” he says.  Boulder County cannot be developed because it is owned by the government in one sense or another.  

On abortion, he would want the laws of murder to apply. When asked about political contributions, he said fortunately or unfortunately, he has not been the recipient of lobbyist money. The crowd seemed to chuckle in relief at that. He is also a big supporter of the 10th Amendment.

If elected to the U.S Senate Cleve Tidwell said he would like to focus on good international relations as well as less burdensome regulations on small business. He thinks Obama damaged our foreign policy on the international stage. He also expressed a desire to get rid of the Dept of Energy. He also thinks that we need to change the fact that a good number of people have bought their way to Washington D.C.

Dan Maes started off by saying how tough no the families campaigning for office can be. A few days ago he got his hands on the Colorado State Budget. He described it as a “whopper” because it is so big in nature. He admittedly still is in the studying process. He describes him self as a small businessman. He said “I am not a lawyer, is that OK?” I am not a career politician, is that OK?” and the crowd said yes.

Here are photographs from this event

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