August 14th, 2009 Anti-Obamacare Rally in Fort Collins, CO

While a lot of Americans are afraid the health care legislation will turn into an economic clunker, the citizens Fort Collins, CO, event were no exception.

At noon on August 14th, citizens opposing the proposed health care legislation gathered just 4 blocks from Senator Bennett’s office for a rally. Congregating at the intersection of College Avenue and Mulberry Street, a variety of people from Larimer County gathered protesting not only the health care bill, but some people holding signs indicate that the spending policies of the Obama administration.

Some of the attendees at this event have voted for Obama and are having buyer’s remorse. Those voters said that they did not vote for this kind of change. As people held up signs displaying their unhappiness with the administration, cars drove through the intersection and honked in support.

At 1:00 pm, the group walked 4 blocks to Senator Michael Bennett’s office. They were met by one of his representatives who took questions. Because she did not speak real audibly and did not have a microphone, it was difficult to determine what her answers were when people asked what Senator Bennett’s position was on the health care legislation, the cap and trade legislation, as well as other issues. However, people who managed to get close enough to her to hear her advised that her most frequent response was something like, “no comment,” or “I can’t get into that.”

Tomorrow President Obama arrives in Grand Junction, Colorado, for a town hall meeting in an attempt to reverse the political direction in which the debate is going. A while back, the Obama communications team liked the idea of phrasing the debate in terms of “health insurance reform” as opposed to “health care reform.” This seems not to be working depending on what poll you read.

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