Anti Socialized Medicine Protest in Fort Collins, Colorado

Despite the news that the Blue Dog Democrats have reached a deal with their fellow Democrats in the House, the attendees at this Patients First Healthcare Rally are expressing their opposition to any concept of socialized medicine. The Blue Dogs have agreed to go back to their Congressional Districts, meet with their constituents, and then go back to Washington after the recess to contemplate passage of the bill. In terms of political calculations, if the Blue Dogs vote for the bill, they may be vulnerable if they are in conservative Districts. The event took place on August 9, 2009 in Fort Collins, Colorado

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said “We’re going to have some type of public option, call it ‘co-op’, call it what you want.” Based on his comment, this gives credibility to the cynicism about what the politicians in Washington are contemplating.

While Obama is on video saying he supports the single payer scheme, and most people in Congress have not read H.R 3200, the attendees at this rally have expressed concern about how this will impact their lives. One of the prominent concerns is that members of Congress will be exempt from a plan they are trying to pass through Congress. Another concern is health care rationalization. In Britain for example, there are waiting lists and the cancer death rates are significantly higher.

These are photos from the event.

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