Protest & Counterdemonstration On The Health Care Issue

Upon Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Denver, demonstrators show up to protest the health care bill. People on both sides of the debate protested in support of and against the legislation

While Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and Majority Leader, Harry Reid come to Denver to give a speech for the health care legislation, demonstrators for and against the bill converged near the building where they are speaking to exercise their First Amendment rights.

The location of the demonstrations and counter demonstration was outside of a Denver homeless shelter. When the protesters against the bill shouted “just say no!” a person for the bill would shout “yes!” On other occasions, the people would shout “hey hey ho ho the status quo has got to go!”

It should be noted that Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) advised that the demonstrations that you see on YouTube and other places is not manufactured outrage. It is genuine concern about the legislation. In an interview with Fox News this morning, Senator McCaskill warned her fellow Democrats, “this is real grassroots anger.” She went on to add, “I don’t think manufactured is the right word. I do think both sides are organizing”

Some people had protest signs advocating a single payer system. While everyone would be covered under a single payer system, a lot of people claim that there would be more patients than doctors to cover them.
One major concern among the demonstrators is how to pay for the implementation of the bill. Indeed, the “Cash For Clunkers” program ran out of money in 4 days. Then Congress refunded it with a $2 billion dollar bill and Obama signed it into law this morning. Additionally, people fear that the bill will cost more and do less.

No one was arrested at this event, even though the protests were very spirited in their positions on the issues. Before the motorcade came through, the Denver Police and Secret Service had protesters stand on opposite sides of the driveway entrance. After the motorcade drove in, the demonstrators yelled things like “hands off my health care!” and “health care now!” They stayed outside of the building until she and her fellow politicians left the building. That was about four hours.

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