PETA/Last Chance for Animals protests Pedigree Shop in Lone Tree, Colorado

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on 06/27/2009, a group of local activists held a protest in an effort to bring attention to The Pedigree Shop because The Pedigree Shop sells puppy mill dogs. When I went into The Pedigree Shop in Park Meadows Mall to ask the owner if she knew about the local activists protesting, she said “oh they are out there every other Saturday” and chuckled. She did not seem too worried about the protesters.


Congressmen Polis and Gutierrez National “Familias Unidas” Outreach Tour

On Saturday, June 13th, Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) along with Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) and Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, convened at The Immaculate Heart of Mary in Northglenn, Colorado for what is billed as a “Famailas Unidas Outreach Tour.” The purpose of the 22 city tour is to highlight the harm caused to citizens across the U.S. because of a lack of immigration reform. In these pictures you see Arch Bishop Charles J, Chaput, Esteban Garcia and his brother Josh, and the 2 Congressmen. Collectively, the speakers gave speeches that indicated that the present immigration policy has a tendency to separate families and have tragic results because of the separation . Esteban and Josh told stories about their father being deported and how it has affected them emotionally. At the time of this posting, their parents were in immigration proceedings. “I didn’t get to see my dad for six weeks and when I did he was in prison with people watching over him with guns,” Josh told the crowd as he broke down and cried during his speech. Congressman Gutierrez expressed frustration at the Obama administration because President Obama canceled a previously scheduled meeting that was supposed to take place on June 17th, 2009. The meeting was supposed to cover the subject of reforming immigration policy. The letter Congressman Gutierrez is holding up as from ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to the wife of a Vietnam veteran advising her that her citizenship status is in question and she may be deported. “It’s time we stop this immigration system that destroys families,” The Congressman said in his speech. Esteban is the one in the white striped shirt. In the last picture of the 2nd slide, the person in the blue shirt is a heckler and he got escorted out as he stood up and protested while Congressman Polis spoke. I could not understand what he was saying because as he spoke, the whole room yelled “yes we can!” in both English and Spanish.