PETA/Last Chance For Animals Protest of Pedigree Shop

on 5.30/09, local activists got together in Lone Tree, Colorado to protest the Pedigree Pet Shop. the Pedigree Shop has an F rating by the Better Business Bureau and has a predilection for selling puppy mill dogs. the local activists would like the store shut down. There have been numerous complaints on, among other places, about the Pedigree Shop.


2009 Memorial Day Parade

These are various photos of the 2009 Anual Memorial Day Parade. it is best to view this slide show in full screen so you can see what the text on the banner/vehicles say. Admittedly, sometimes the text is difficult to make out The man at the podium happens to be U.S. Senator Michael Bennet. The other various photos and tributes consist of American Legion/Disabled American Veterans, among others. There is also a traveling Marines memorial. There are also pictures of the Mile High Young Marines organization. The picture on the first slide happens to be of veterans saluting as the National Anthem is played.

2009 Global Marijuana March

These are photos from the 2009 Denver Global Marijuana March that took place on the steps of the Denver State Capitol Building in Civic Center Park

STAND demonstration on steps of Colorado State Capitol

The Colorado chapter of STAND (Students Taking Action Now Darfur) holds a demonstration on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol. This event took place on 05/02/2009.