Stills from yesterday’s Wendy Davis event


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Wendy Davis acts as a Hillary surrogate 4 days before Super Tuesday in Colorado


This event supports Hillary 4 days before Super Tuesday in Colorado. She did not know how to answer questions about the Wall Street speech transcripts if you listen closely.

Stand With Rand: Choppers Sports Grill Denver

Day of Resistance 2/23/2013

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Yesterday at the Colorado State Capitol, the people at this event were commemorating the Day Of Resistance locally. There were other events of this nature going on around the country. Evan Todd was one of the speakers. One of the speakers at this event invited the women to gather on the steps. This was done to show that women care about the 2nd Amendment as well.

Anti Gun Violence protest and State Senate Hearing 1-28-2013

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on the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol, about 100 people gathered to voice their opposition to gun violence. inside the building, the state Senate Judiciary Committee was contemplating SB 13 009 which would allow teachers to get training and carry pistols if they chose to. the people you see in the committee photographs are Senator Renfroe, the committee and other people testifying for against the bill. Senator Renfroe supports the bill.

Anti Civil Union Rally in Colorado 1-25-2013

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In light of Senate Bill 11 making it’s way through the Colorado state legislature, attorney Dan Caplis & other participants gathered on the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol to voice their opposition to the legislation. Here are photographs from the event

40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade 1-20-2013

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To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, March For Life Denver and other organizations gathered on the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol. A few thousand people showed up for this event. After the speakers were done, did a balloon release and then they marched down Colfax Avenue in Denver. Here are photographs from the event.